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The Commishhhh, The New Toy. Roger Goodell

he’s a puppet, a puppet,
a lil tiny puppet.
He’s got 32 strings,
sings one song,
“Let’s end the pain”__”I Love the game”

Really? Then why you gonna letem change it?
Really, ya dont Rogg, People stand up for what they love
Really? you aught to just stop.

He’s a puppet, just a puppet
He’s got 32 strings!
and a “$1 price tag” for a salary.
Man, thats cheap, Lets Hire him!
He’s a puppet,
He’s a puppet,
got $500,000,000? You Get to Pull a String! He’s a puppet,
just a puppet.
Let’s put Al Davis in charge
atleast He’s a puppeteer….cant rhyme, dont care, you get the idea.(lol i hope it’s the right one) Bless Goodell’s soul,
his heart’s truly there
but please God,
grant this man a back bone!
Cut your own strings Rogg.